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    Fibroids affects 1 in 3 women over 40 in Canada. Of those more than half
    experience symptoms that affect their quality of life and many are so severe
    they require care giving from a third party at least monthly.

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    Until recently, surgery was the most common form of treatment in
    Canada for Fibroids. Of the available surgical options, most require recovery
    time of one month with 6 months suggested as complete recovery.

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    In a recent CANFib survey of over 1000 women with Fibroids, more than
    50% said while fertility is less of a concern, avoiding surgery was top of mind.
    Medications, according to respondents, is the preferred treatment option.

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Fibroids treatments in Canada, despite these facts, show more and more promise with every year that goes by ... 

NEW! A Form designed to eliminate up to 3 Visits to the GYN

One of the most aggravating wastes of time women face when dealing with Fibroids is the wait time for the Specialist. The MINUTE you walk out that door you don't get to go back for more info; you need to make a new appointment and wait another 3 to 8 months.

Imagine the benefits of getting all the right information to your GYN in one visit?

Not only will you find your path with more expediency but it leaves spaces for other women to make appointments (reducing wait times). 

The info you fill in here compiles and is formatted so you can take it to your Doctors Office and leave assured you got all the info you need for that visit. Your visit will be more productive and treatment choices closer to fruition by streamlining these visits. None of the info you input is stored, it's formatted and sent right back to you. 
Cilick to use the CANFib Expedient visit form 

CANFib Educational and Informational Brochures

About Fibroids (Plain English: Symptoms and Solutions in Canada) 

The CANFib Printable Fibroids Survival Kit can help reduce visits to the GYN

Quantify your Symptoms, a simple form to help measure blood loss
This form will help you accurately measure your blood loss. This is highly beneficial in engaging your specialist. Presenting your own set of carefully measured figures over an extended period of time will help the GYN better assess your situation and reduce the time "experimenting" with options that would normally be bypassed if the complete picture is presented. 
Quantify your Symptoms Printable Form 

A review of current treatment options in short form for GYN Visits
This short form lists the most common treatment options. Print this out to help you remember the questions you want to ask and use the spaces supplied to take your own notes. The information can be overwhelming and within days of a visit can also run together and overlap in the way of details. By carefully writing down answers and crossing off options you are most likely to have a clear picture after leaving the office. 
Review of Current Common Treatment Options

In Canada


Out of every 100 women over 40, 25 experience Fibroids symptoms.



Appx. 25,000 hospital visits annually are Fibroids related.