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    Fibroids affects 1 in 3 women over 40 in Canada. Of those more than half
    experience symptoms that affect their quality of life and many are so severe
    they require care giving from a third party at least monthly.

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    Until recently, surgery was the most common form of treatment in
    Canada for Fibroids. Of the available surgical options, most require recovery
    time of one month with 6 months suggested as complete recovery.

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    In a recent CANFib survey of over 1000 women with Fibroids, more than
    50% said while fertility is less of a concern, avoiding surgery was top of mind.
    Medications, according to respondents, is the preferred treatment option.

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Fibroids treatments in Canada, despite these facts, show more and more promise with every year that goes by ... 

Joining the discussions is open to all women with Fibroids, even outside Canada. 

While CANFib began as a Canadian organization, the groundswell from the US and Australia is notable. We welcome ALL women to share and benefit. There are some groups that are private (Fibristal for example) which you may not be able to access as the drug needs to be available and a prescription number in your hand to access. But most groups are as easy to join as clicking the button. 

If you wish to remain private, by all means use a pic of your doggy or kitty, even a sexy babe photo from an image site. Please do not use Google to hunt down images of women though, that would be unfair.

When sharing info, always remember that Fibroids can be like babies, we may all have one or more... but they are all very different. For that reason, unless you are pointing to double blind studies... treat your posts as your own experience, not as fact for the public. What works or you may not for others.

Lastly, any links that lead to a sales page or hype about cures that are not supported by double blind studies.. will be removed. 

Want to contact me directly?

My name is Patricia Lee, I founded CANFib in 2012.

We are Federally Incorporated in Canada. You can reach me any of the following ways:

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Website: www.CANFib.com 
Social: PM from the main forum on Facebook
9722 Hwy 8, Caledonia NS. B0T 1B0

In Canada


Out of every 100 women over 40, 25 experience Fibroids symptoms.



Appx. 25,000 hospital visits annually are Fibroids related.